Communicating deliberately and passionatelyas if there’s nothing you need more than your audience to understand youcreates emotional connections that make brands memorable.

A Little Kibble 

Tricia leverages her background in video production to create powerful stories full of meaning to get results for our clients.

As our steadfast project manager, Tricia also knows that creating efficiencies is essential for any successful strategic plan. Her helping hand, welcoming personality and attention to detail make Tricia a key member of our client team.

Feeding Time 

Tricia joined the RedRover pack in October 2015 to take the opportunity to do what she does best, which turned out to be many, many things. Tricia is a creative writer as well as a video producer, director and post-production editor by craft.

At RedRover, she is our mainstay on our social media accounts, sharing our news and industry happenings for the world to see. She is also the linchpin to our successful account-management process, keeping the pack and our projects on schedule to deliver clear results for our clients.

Additionally, Tricia has led creative concepts for our clients, including the urban art mural in South Memphis for the Regional One Health Adult Special Care Center PSA, which RedRover dubbed “Power Over HIV,” and the website creation for Advice on Tap, a program of the Greater Memphis Chamber.

Prior to RedRover, as a senior-level creative, Tricia spent close to three decades producing turnkey, award-winning video projects across media outlets for both agency and corporate clients.

Her work has landed various industry honors including Telly, Communicator and Aurora awards. In 2006, Tricia and then-employer Lunar Productions received the regional Emmy nomination for “Transported Lives,” a documentary about Memphis Holocaust Survivors.

Tricia earned her master in fine arts degree from University of Memphis and her bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University. However, Tricia is a lifelong student. There is always something new to learn. Overall, Tricia considers herself to be one of the luckiest people alive. “To do what you love is a privilege,” she says.

Tricia is originally from Lynchburg, Tennessee. She is proud of her small-town heritage and farm-girl upbringing. She is the happy parent of two ancient dachshunds and one geriatric cat. Both dogs earn their keep. One of her dachshunds is the chief of security at her home, and the other serves as her personal alarm clock. However, her cat Spooky has recently retired to live a life of luxury on the couch.