Greg Raymond
A Little Kibble

Because of his vast experience in sales, management and sales training, Greg has an innate ability to assess business needs, and he’s a master of translating difficult concepts and volumes of information into concise messages.  Having lived sales and production management roles, he’s a pro when it comes to developing and delivering training that speaks to the learner’s point of view. As a training & development strategist at RedRover, Greg understands that business success and employee retention start with the right training and the right tools for the job.

Feeding Time

Prior to joining RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, Greg worked in athletic apparel sales before embarking on an award-winning career in pharmaceutical and medical sales.  Greg has held P&L accountability as well as responsibility for training content and delivery on a national level in his previous roles in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. He’s a master at helping sales teams develop messaging that resonates with their prospects.

Greg was born in New Jersey and raised here in the “River City.”  He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and, though he has lived in eight unique cities during his career, he has always found a way to return to live in Memphis.

Away from the office, Greg is one of the adventure-seekers of RedRover’s pack.  He has a lifelong affinity for the outdoors, which manifests through his love of whitewater kayaking, which he’s done in more than 30 states and in multiple countries. If he is not on the water, he is riding one of his motorcycles.  If you see him either on the water or on the roads around it, he would always welcome a friendly wave.