April 15

901 Against COVID-19: Memphis Business Survey

How do we get back to the business of growth? See what survey respondents had to say.

No matter what you call this – whether it be an economic downturn or a recession – our economy has nothing short of abruptly stopped moving in unimaginable ways. Recessions are fueled by a severe lack of consumption. It’s an unfavorable psychological climate where cautious consumers spend less – causing product inventory to build up, manufacturing to be reduced, and workers to be laid off – all of which worsen the gloom causing consumers to spend even less. It’s the quintessential snowball effect.

RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, the University of Memphis, and Vistage Memphis partnered to gather the critical data related to our local business impact and response to the COVID-19 crisis.

What’s uncovered in the report?

· How much Memphis companies have been immediately impacted by COVID-19 in relation to revenue, workforce, marketing and sales strategies.
· The impact the US government’s stimulus bill is expected to have on these businesses.
· How these businesses’ operations — including sales and marketing strategies — will be impacted for the next nine months.
· Sales and marketing best practices from Memphis businesses in the trenches of navigating this crisis.
· Lessons learned for surviving and recovering from the impact of COVID-19.

So how do we get back to the business of growth? Here’s what survey respondents had to say.

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