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Growth Optimization (GO) Plan

An Approach that Works – for Any Industry

At RedRover, we build marketing and sales strategies that consistently drive transformative growth for our clients—regardless of your size, industry or competition. Simply stated, a Growth Optimization (GO) Plan with RedRover is about achieving your company’s full potential. We don’t believe in guess and check. Our Growth Optimization research turns data into a high-performing marketing strategy. Our commitment to you: your custom GO Plan will deliver results because it’s built on a solid foundation of facts, not hunches.

We aren’t just saying this plan will deliver results; in fact, we GUARANTEE it will do so. 




We have a results focus in all of our marketing and sales efforts—just like you do.

Our strategic plans, with core metrics, sprout from a customized research program built from your specific business goals. We call it the Growth Optimization (GO) Plan, because it does just that, develops a plan for growth.

Our approach, which we’ve perfected over 10 years as a results-focused agency, shines light on what will drive the transformation you seek—and what won’t. 

Discovery Research

Knowing the right questions to ask and the key data to analyze is more than half the battle in smart marketing and sales management.

During the discovery phase with RedRover, you can bet we’ll leave no crucial question unexamined.

With a hand from you, we conduct extensive research, which becomes a customized report on your business and guides our decisions for your strategic plan.

In short, our process grounds our work with you in the deep insights of an industry insider, while we maintain the outside objectivity you rely on us for.

Strategic Planning

Once we’re ingrained as part of your strategy team, we get to work on setting you up for real, measurable results.

Our focus, like yours, is on the biggest bang for your buck. Strategies and tactics that are recommended for your plan are deliberately chosen by our seasoned pack of pros—which averages 18 years of industry experience.

Your plan is aligned with specific metrics that we report progress about every quarter.

You see, we believe in earning our keep.

If you’re ready for a marketing and sales strategy that get results, contact RedRover to talk about a partnership.

Additional Full-Service Agency Offerings

RedRover offers a full-circle approach, leveraging seasoned marketing and sales pros for the success of your strategic plan.

  • I would highly recommend RedRover to any organization considering a sales and marketing partner; their 360-degree approach has helped MBGH get to the next level!

    Cristie Travis
    Memphis Business Group on Health