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Unleash your team’s potential with the right training at the right time.  That’s what custom e-learning can do for your organization.

“Level up” your training program

It’s time to revisit everything you thought you knew about e-learning. Reading through pages of boring content and taking a quiz at the end is a thing of the past. This “old-hat” type of e-learning is expensive because it’s simply not effective.  You can only achieve real ROI when your training program drives performance improvement you can measure.

When you combine proven instructional design and adult learning principles with e-learning technology, the possibilities of how training can transform your organization are limitless.  

Imagine custom e-learning that motivates your workforce to WANT to learn--because it’s not only engaging, it’s also relevant. We’ll work with you to develop and deploy courses that help your team learn to solve the real challenges they face on the job every day, with components like:   

  • Activities that engage multiple senses to help learners remember content
  • Interactive case studies, based on real examples unique to your organization, to help learners develop on-the-job problem-solving skills
  • Proven motivational features, like gamification and social learning

No other Memphis agency blends sales and marketing consulting under one roof. It’s unique to us, and quite frankly, it’s why RedRover exists.  Let our experts partner with you to design and develop a blended learning solution, including e-learning, that’s the right fit for your organization.