The Guarantee
January 27

A Collective Responsibility to Act

The RedRover team is struggling with the horrific reality of the circumstances surrounding the death of Tyre Nichols. We are heartbroken for his family. What happened is indefensible, and the video serves as yet another painful reminder of the systemic issues in our criminal justice system that simply must be addressed. These fatal encounters with law enforcement are far more prevalent among people of color, and it simply cannot continue.

Let this be the tipping point our country needs to finally have a productive non-political debate about police reform. We cannot let this young man’s tragic death pass without affecting real change.

For decades, our beloved city has been at the heart of the civil rights movement and efforts to create equal justice for all. Now it’s our time to lead again. We appreciate the quick, decisive action of the police chief and district attorney, though there is more work to be done. This is not a time to sit on the sidelines, as those who work tirelessly to create reform day in and day out are carrying too much of the burden. We have a collective responsibility to act.

The RedRover team is kicking off a series of internal and external conversations to determine how we can make a meaningful difference, in addition to making a contribution to the Memphis chapter of the NAACP. If you’d like to contribute as well, click here

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