The Guarantee
January 31

And The Win Matters

What does the word “win” mean to you? How do you define a professional win for yourself and your organization? Now, think about how you define “team.” When you hear that word what do you envision?

My natural instincts have me wired to be a person driven to win above all else; my career path in company growth and business development leadership reflect just that. At RedRover, I fully embrace and find inspiration in one of our core values: Team Win Before the Self Win, And the Win Matters. It is refreshing to work in an environment in which a core focus is succeeding for our clients and the overall greater good of the company. And that is a core value at RedRover. And it’s not only on paper; it is developed, fostered, encouraged and commended through every team member’s actions.

“Team Win Before the Self Win.” What does that look like in action? No bones about it, we encourage healthy competition yet we never lose sight of the value of the team win. That is one of the key factors that attracted me to RedRover; the overarching need to win as a team both internally and externally. And we define and celebrate the wins, big and small, with excitement and passion. As a team, when we have a success on behalf of our clients there is a shared joy and fervor in the office like no other.

“And the Win Matters.” Bottom line, every RedRover pack member knows that the work we produce each day is impactful to our clients’ bottom line. We do not take that lightly. It is top of mind in every task and action we perform.

Are you driven to win? Do you enjoy the high from success in the workplace? If yes, then RedRover is the place for you! Join our team and experience the thrill of the win.

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