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Company Culture Definitely Matters

20 Aug 2019

As I am completing my senior year of college, I am deciphering what I believe is important when looking at a company. One thing that can make or break a company for me is the company’s culture.

Company culture is the organization’s personality. To me, it reflects the brand’s identity. If the environment is a fun-loving, healthy workplace, it is more likely to attract clients or potential employees.

A healthy work environment is the blueprint of a flourishing business. Great culture positively impacts business growth.

An organized culture is living up to your company’s core values. At RedRover, our five core values below are honored and in effect daily in the work environment.

- Courage

- Agents of change

- Incurable need for results

- Team-win before self-win, and the win matters

- Self-disciplined and accountable

These values reflect how the team interacts. These values show how we manage the workflow. These values are how we work with our clients. These values mirror how the company is run.

Being courageous increases culture because one cannot be fearful –– whether that is scared to ask for help, scared to take on a bigger project, scared to ask for guidance, etc. Co-workers need to be able to rely on one another and help each other out when times are stressful and overwhelming.

Businesses are constantly changing and growing. RedRover embraces the change with excitement and energy that comes with the change, instead of being fearful of the unknown.

Being self-disciplined and accountable, the RedRover pack dedicates a good amount of time and attention to observing each of our account's progress and holding ourselves responsible for delivering results. We look over all our work multiple times to ensure the final product is of the highest quality and will do its job accurately.

Many projects in this industry require a collaboration of co-workers to be fully executed. No single person can execute multi-faceted campaigns as well as a team can. Different members bring unique skills and knowledge to the table. So, going the extra mile to be a good team player and doing what you can is important to support the success of the pack and the company.

Again, since we work as a team at RedRover, we have to make sure we are always accountable. We do what we said we would do, when we said we would do it, and how we said it would be done. Being accountable for your words and actions makes you a stronger co-worker. If you are aware that you are going to miss a goal or deadline, be proactive and inform the person in advance.

If your core values do not match your culture, it could mean that your values are just meaningless phrases/words. The problem with this is your employees and clients will recognize it, then leading to a poor reputation, internally and externally.

Employees want to feel what they’re doing matters. When they feel like they matter, they’re more likely to be invested in their role and to work harder.

RedRover does a great job at not just living out core values, but making employees feel valued. During full-office meetings, we recognize good, hard work. We celebrate each other’s achievements and successes, whether individual or team. We give credit to those who stood out that week, which offers a sense of accomplishment. It boosts confidence and pride, pushing my co-workers to work harder and be more efficient.

Doing this during our meetings ensures value and appreciation towards one another.

A successful company culture brings people together at your organization and treats them as a team. The culture sets expectations for how the employees work together and how they function as one. Co-workers are more likely to listen and engage with one another if they feel like they’re a part of the community, a part of the team.

Your company's culture can change the way your business operates. Communicate to your employees so they know they're appreciated and that you recognize their hard work.

Make a conscious effort to build and define a culture that attracts and retains great team members, advocates the company's core values, and emphasizes the values throughout the company with your daily actions.

“Extraordinary performance comes from extraordinary people. And the foundation of extraordinary people is an extraordinary culture.” A quote from the Pack DNA which is comprised of the behaviors that define our culture here at RedRover.

Brett Silver, Marketing and Sales Intern at RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, can be reached at redrovercompany.com



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