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No matter the nature of your challenge, RedRover has likely diagnosed and solved a similar obstacle to growth for its diverse client base. Our team is data-driven and tenacious in developing a tailored strategy, informed by a deep understanding of the past- and current-state variables impacting your success.

Case Studies

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Leverage a Rebrand to Reignite a Largely Disengaged Social-Media Following

The MED Foundation (now Regional One Health Foundation) sought our support in creating buzz among donors around an upcoming rebrand in support of an exciting long-range vision for the healthcare system. The RedRover pack saw a larger opportunity to reignite the brand’s social following in the process and did just that.

Gaining market share beautifully. Standing out in a sea of white.

Allure Bridals partnered with RedRover to address a very common challenge for B2B2C fashion brands —– standing out in a sea of competition.

Building a National Brand & Sales Pipeline From Scratch

DreamCatcher Hotels had a disruptive new approach to casino hotel design and development that would take the industry by storm with the right exposure. They tapped RedRover as their long-range marketing partner to build the brand and a strategy that would fill their development pipeline.

School Recruitment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

GTW student recruitment had been predominantly grassroots (e.g., visiting grocery stores, churches and daycares to spread the word). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this strategy was just no longer possible. RedRover was charged with finding a new way.

Nothing Short of Shifting Public Opinion

Memphis International Airport had an uphill climb on their hands — to shift public opinion in a tumultuous market where the airport had unfairly become the scapegoat. RedRover was tapped to identify a message that would win hearts and minds, and not only quiet the naysayers, but build a groundswell of support for the airport’s long-range vision.

Fabricating the Foundation of a Company that Breaks the Mold

Having existed for 50 years under a different brand that specialized in supplying steel for structural projects, company leadership now had a bold new vision in mind. They would need a name, a branding strategy and quick brand awareness to compete in this lucrative new market.

Videos Bring Case Studies to Life

Mahaffey wanted to highlight the unsurpassed expertise of their project managers in a way that could be demonstrated to those who had no experience with the brand. That’s where RedRover came into play.


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