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Reputations take years to build, yet can be torn down in only moments. Telling the right story—every time and in every way possible —is nothing short of critical.

RedRover can hone in on your unique and trustworthy story, then deliver it to the right audience at the right time—whether an internal team of employees, a group of external influencers, the media or all the above.


Public Relations

Reporters, editors, bloggers and other influencers are crucial in getting your message in front of the right audiences. By nurturing these important relationships, good PR teams can navigate purposefully at every opportunity because they understand the needs of their media connections as well as yours. Equally important for your PR partner is having the ability to successfully sell or pitch a reporter on a news story. Gone are the days where a press release distribution will do the trick. The most savvy PR folks have sales skills, too.

In PR, as in life, the same strategy won’t work every time. That’s why RedRover’s focus on customization and results makes our PR efforts a key aspect of most marketing plans.

Need media training? We do that, too. Our trainers work behind the scenes to prepare you for any media appearance, no matter how large or small.

Employee Communications

Employee communications are just as critical to your marketing strategy as branding or PR. Internal understanding and buy-in of your sales and marketing strategy creates a first line of ambassadors for your company.

A culture of engaged and satisfied employees can make your sales and marketing strategy sing. (We’ve heard those songs before.) No amount of paid advertising can achieve what a fired-up employee base does for a company.

Let RedRover help you engage and empower these ambassadors and defenders of your brand.

Event Planning & Management

From company retreats to product launches, galas, trade shows and community-activation events, RedRover will handle your need to convene people, start to finish, with vendor management, space and equipment rentals, graphic design, staffing, scripting, and everything in between.

Wellness Culture

A healthy workplace environment—physically and mentally—is special to employees and can turn them into your best advocates.

If your internal culture needs a “shot in the arm,” we can partner with you to develop your well-workplace culture. Our experts are experienced in collaborating with communications and leadership teams, human resources leadership and third-party benefits providers. Our strategies incent the right activities that nurture employee ambassadors and create a lasting positive culture.

Some of our internal culture strategies have even turned companies into “Great Places to Work” as recognized formally by national sources (FORTUNE magazine) and also by internal survey results.

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