Why Culture Index?

What’s the Culture Index Survey All About?

By Kitty Taylor and Jenny Jo Connor

“Too many companies believe people are interchangeable. Truly gifted people never are. They have unique talents. Effective leaders allow great people to do the work they were born to do.”

These words by renowned organizational consultant Warren G. Bennis are an incredibly astute description of the modern hiring modus operandi. Today’s recruiting best practices are focused on matching candidates with ideal roles inside companies of choice.

That’s why, at RedRover, we’ve turned to the Culture Index workplace-preference assessment as a mainstay tool in our hiring process.

The Culture Index motto is “Putting People First,” and that’s exactly what we strive to do from the very beginning when we assess the needs of our roles and our candidates’ likely satisfaction with and success in those roles.

Strong teams are all about having the right people in the right seats. A blend of varied traits and characteristics make up the highest-performing teams.

Here at RedRover, each person’s unique strengths accent his or her teammates’ strengths. Each role links into our other roles to create the best agency team we can possibly build. As a results-focused company, we’re laser focused on getting it right – for you as a professional, for us as an employer, and for our clients as the reason we exist.

Both of us have personal stories about how the introduction of Culture Index at RedRover helped us refine our specific roles into a more ideal fit for who we naturally are. Just ask -- we’d be happy to share our story with you to help demonstrate what we mean by right people, right seats. (Email Kitty) (Email Jenny Jo)

Thank you for considering RedRover as your career choice. We wish you the best!