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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We love our hometown of Memphis, TN. The RedRover DEI Action Plan celebrates our city’s demographic makeup and helps us steer our agency’s growth and future. Our pack is united behind ensuring our success as an agency better reflects all people who live, work, and play in the Memphis area. We value the differences in one another. Differences drive innovation. Innovation crashes ceilings.

Like many, COVID-19 has caused our hiring to temporarily slow down. We have used this moment in time to formally research and document an action plan to ensure RedRover emerges from this pandemic crisis with an intentional approach to be a more racially diverse workplace. This purposeful action will propel an agency whose people already represent an array of gender, ages, sexual orientation, and religions.

This plan is not a top-down approach. It has been researched and crafted with all of our pack members at the table. The RedRover DEI Action Plan is truly a company-wide priority and commitment.

We have six company-wide, data-driven goals we commit to reaching within one year. After the first year, the work isn’t over. We will invite a formal review by a third-party expert to evaluate our progress. Additional goals and actions will emerge from those external findings.

Year-One DEI Goals:

PHASE I – Education and Introspection

GOAL 1: Continuously improve by learning what diversity and inclusion really mean, where implicit bias may lie, and how to overcome it. Use the “To Be Welcoming” curriculum provided by Arizona State University and Starbucks as the basis for monthly training and team discussion.

GOAL 2: Listen to understand by engaging in staff-meeting dialogue about diversity and inclusion every month and how they connect directly to our Pack DNA, which are the behaviors that drive our success as a firm.

PHASE II – Action

GOAL 3: We will show up for a more diverse pool of prospective applicants by forging partnerships with an HBCU and/or minority-led student associations, to include an internship program and job shadowing.

GOAL 4: We will find and partner with more diverse freelancers and vendors.

GOAL 5: We will locally engage the greater business community in a way that puts our agency’s skills and resources to work on behalf of up-and-coming black-owned companies. This will be structured as a partnership with a membership organization that helps us identify the specific businesses that will most benefit from our pro bono support.

Goal 6: We will embrace our unique responsibility as marketers and work to remove any implicit bias that we may unknowingly bring to the table in the work we produce for clients.

It’s hard to predict exactly when the post-COVID economy will allow us to ramp back into our hiring plan, but here is an easy promise to make: Our DEI Action Plan will not wait. It is a creation by our full team. It is part of our Pack DNA and it is effective immediately.

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