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Growth Optimization Plan

An Approach that Works for Any Industry

The status quo isn’t good enough. We are out to change what you’ve come to expect from an agency. RedRover is a true marketing partner that cares about the growth of your business. Each plan we build is grounded in research and custom-designed to deliver a predictable ROI that we guarantee.


Our sights stay set on your growth. Every day, our pack wakes up to face down all that stands in the way of our clients’ unleashed growth potential. This agency has a higher purpose—you could call us a different breed.

We don’t develop cookie-cutter, pedestrian plans—ever. Instead, we listen to your unique story, tenaciously research your position in the market landscape, and customize every distinguishing trait of your sales and marketing plan.

At RedRover, we create marketing and sales strategies that drive transformative growth — regardless of your industry.


Our strategic plans and performance metrics grow from a customized research program grounded in your specific business goals. We call it a Growth Optimization (GO) Plan, because it does just that.

GO Research

We don’t believe in guess and check. Our Growth Optimization research turns data into a high-performing marketing and sales strategy.

In collaboration with you, we conduct extensive internal and external research and then present the customized report on your business to you in an easy-to-use format. These findings guide our recommendations for your strategic plan.

Our process means your sales and marketing plan is grounded in the deep insights of an industry insider while still preserving outside objectivity.

Strategic Planning

Our focus, like yours, is on delivering the biggest bang for your buck. The strategies and tactics recommended for your plan are hand-picked by our seasoned pros who are armed with the comprehensive, objective analysis conducted by our research team. With an average of 15 years of experience, our pack has spearheaded numerous award-winning campaigns and more importantly, growth wins for countless clients.

Your plan is aligned with your company’s growth goals and managed through specific metrics and milestones on which we provide regular reporting.

And we’re not about lip service—we believe in earning our keep. So much so that we guarantee we’ll get you results. We shih-tzu not.

The GO plan is right for you if you are an agent of change who values an investment in research that yields:

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