Making your first sale in that new, better way you’ve been practicing is worth the training effort every time.

A Little Kibble 

Pete inspires sales teams to maximize each prospecting opportunity by capitalizing on holistic sales and marketing alignment.

He knows marketing messages can get lost in translation, so he uses his passion to light a fire for the sales team. He shows them how delivering on those key messages closes more deals, getting them fired up to do just that.

Feeding Time 

Pete spent years working with the Memphis Redbirds, and he’s still a diehard sports fan. He loves LSU football with a passion.

Pete has a “go big or go home” philosophy that’s served him well throughout his career—inside AutoZone Park and beyond.

Pete spends his days firing up and coaching sales teams all over the city. His energy is downright contagious and his advice is sage. The consummate salesman, we’ve coined his sales credos “Rizzisms.” It’s tough to have a bad day with Pete on your team.

Prior to RedRover, Pete served as the executive VP of Memphis Redbirds Baseball, a sales executive for Stryker Surgical Corporation and the president and general manager for Memphis Chicks Baseball.

Among his extensive credentials, Pete has won the Memphis Business Journal’s “Distinguished Sales Award” and Minor League Baseball’s “Excellence Club Award” – having achieved the highest sales revenue of all AAA baseball clubs for 10 consecutive years.

Pete earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Memphis.