Jenny Jo Smith

Unleash growth by streamlining the relationship between systems and employees to achieve what matters most to a strategy.

A Little Kibble 

Jenny Jo knows that successful training and coaching drives measurable business results. She has partnered with companies across the country to implement training solutions, ranging from leadership coaching to sales skills to operational change techniques.

Every business has unique needs that demand tailored training techniques, and Jenny Jo’s creative training solutions are right on target. It’s this level of client service and personal experience that led Jenny Jo to become RedRover's Training & Development Manager, after just a few exceptionally successful months on the job.

Feeding Time

Jenny Jo’s unique blend of experience allows her to work with business leaders to understand the distinct human-capital development needs of a team. Because she has several years of experience in management and process engineering, she understands that training must help drive business results.

In the RedRover world, her understanding of the relationship between training and business operations makes the training team an effective partner to RedRover clients with sales and marketing strategies. Jenny Jo’s involvement in client strategies helps ensure measurable results are not just within reach, but achieved.

Prior to RedRover, Jenny Jo has worked with oil and energy companies, a Fortune 50 healthcare company award-winning sales organizations, to name a few, implementing training solutions that range from interpersonal approaches to highly technical instructions.

Before arriving in Memphis, her career has taken her to Corpus Christi and Houston, Texas as well as Springfield, Missouri. A former small business owner herself, Jenny Jo crafted and launched an artisanal, organic line of skincare products that is still highly popular in the Springfield area. She also opened a successful day spa business in Springfield, before moving to Texas and then Memphis.

Every time Jenny Jo travels, she makes time for two things: going on a hike and sampling craft beer at a local brewery.

She also loves creating. In her spare time, she hand-makes skincare products for an artisanal organic line that she personally researched and developed based on vintage recipes from the turn of the 20th century.

Jenny Jo is an avid music fan, and also the founder of RedRover’s running pack. Jenny Jo and her husband live in Oakland, CA.