Jenny Jo Smith

Unleash growth by streamlining the relationship between systems and employees to achieve what matters most to a strategy.

A Little Kibble

When you’ve got the right people in the right place at the right time, you’ve got a recipe for success! Jenny Jo is no stranger to unleashing powerful results by aligning talented people and streamlined systems and processes. And that’s why we are proud to have her as our Project Manager.

Jenny Jo partners with our account leads to ensure our pack provides top-level commitment to our clients. Maintaining project calendars, aligning internal talents with client needs, interfacing with clients and making project recommendations to ensure deadline achievement are just a few key ways in which Jenny Jo helps our pack stay focused on deliverable success.

Feeding Time

Jenny Jo served our clients as a marketing and sales strategist prior to becoming our Project Manager, and her in-depth understanding of executing client work exceptionally equips her for her current role. Additionally, Jenny Jo’s breadth of experience helps her understand business challenges and uniques across industries, having previously held leadership positions in process engineering and training & development in a Fortune 50 healthcare company, oil and energy companies, award-winning sales organizations and retail (just to name a few!). She was also a successful small business owner herself and served as an instructor for Missouri State University’s Management Development Institute.

In the RedRover world, she is a skilled multi-tasker, negotiator and diplomat who helps guide multiple projects through our internal processes—and you’ll notice right away in your interactions with her that delivering world-class client service is what drives her day. Jenny Jo’s involvement in client strategies helps ensure measurable results are not just within reach, but solidly achieved.

Outside of work, you’ll find Jenny Jo training for a run, watching baseball or planning her next vacation. Every time Jenny Jo travels, she makes time for two things: going on a hike and sampling craft beer at a local brewery. She also loves creating. In her spare time, she hand-makes skincare products for an artisanal organic line that she personally researched and developed based on vintage recipes from the turn of the 20th century. Jenny Jo and her husband are located in Oakland, CA, but we know her heart will always be in Memphis!