A Little Kibble

Catherine is a marketing expert in every sense of the term, having worked with companies across a broad range of industries, including medical and industrial.  As a highly experienced digital marketer, she knows how to execute plans that align sales objectives with marketing strategy, and how to help companies reach their sales goals through lead generation and digital marketing. Throughout her career, Catherine has assisted companies in maximizing their results across the spheres of online, social and traditional marketing.

Feeding Time

She started her career as an accountant for a Fortune 500 commercial real estate company. From there, she transitioned into marketing at a medical e-learning company, where she learned the ins and outs of all marketing channels and ultimately became their Marketing Manager. Her blended background and ability to look at projects from 30,000 feet down to granular detail powers her ability to deliver on results-driven marketing strategies that show results CEOs and CFOs want to see.

Originally from Jackson, MS, Catherine earned her BBA in Banking and Finance from Mississippi State University. She went on to earn her MBA from the University of Memphis.

Outside of the office, Catherine is an avid runner and loves being outside and traveling with her two dogs (Fred and Buttons), husband (Ryan) and daughter (Hanna James). Her goal in life is to swim in all of the world’s oceans and run a race on every continent.