A Little Kibble

As RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy’s Senior Account Manager, Jillian works closely with clients as well as the pack to ensure goals are met and results are at the forefront of everything we deliver out the door.

Feeding Time

Prior to joining the pack, Jillian worked for Oracle Data Cloud. During that time, Jillian was responsible for maintaining and growing client relationships through data execution and overall business strategy. As if that weren’t enough, Jillian was also supporting numerous clients with social media and event planning. Prior to that, Jillian worked at a national digital-marketing agency in Denver where she held multiple roles from operations to sales to client management. In 2011, Jillian was nominated to the 2011 class of Best 20 under 40 Destination Marketing Association Up and Comers. In addition to this award, she was also awarded most innovative in digital strategy.

Forever the hustler, Jillian first started her digital career in 2009 when she would walk around her college town of Topeka, Kansas asking businesses if they had heard of this thing called Facebook. Jillian began doing content, page creation and management alongside writing for magazines, assisting in the creation of a brand-new magazine, going to school full time, working a part time job and completing an internship. Noticing a trend here? 

Jillian is a Colorado native who finally made the leap to Memphis after years of adoration for the city. In her spare time, Jillian enjoys being outdoors, being on the water in her kayak, running in races, traveling to new places, volunteering, being a patron of music and the arts, finding the best local food spots, cocktails and beers, plus keeping up her Boston Terrier, Roz.