RedRover Expands Its Training Offerings To Clients

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy is now offering more than 16 training courses to its clients covering topics focused on improving sales skills, team dynamics, client service and productivity.

RedRover’s training approach aligns companies’ sales or development teams with their marketing message for a cohesive, coordinated approach and a stronger return on investment. These are not simply “canned” classes. All training programs are customized to fit a client’s unique needs and challenges.

“RedRover’s training team really takes the time to understand a client’s goals, challenges and opportunities before ever embarking on training. Everything they do is focused on giving the client a strong return on their investment,” said RedRover CEO and Founder, Lori Turner-Wilson. “There is a level of passion in everything they do and that comes through in the results they generate for our clients.”

The current training offerings include:

Sales Skills
  • Connect, Consult, & Close: Networking Strategies for Sales Professionals
  • The Rejection Game: Proven Strategies for Fearless Selling
  • Buying Styles: Why Clients Buy
  • DiSC Sales Styles: How to Maximize Your DiSC Sales Style with Every Prospect
  • The Sales Blueprint: How to Succeed at Selling with Consultative Sales Strategies
  • Customer-Driven Sales: Buyer-Focused Strategies for Closing More Business
Team Dynamics
  • Leading Up: How to Stand Up & Stand Out as an Emerging Leader
  • Teamwork in Action: The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Work Smarter: Level Up Your Emotional IQ for Meaningful Success
  • Play to Your Strengths: How to Leverage Your Natural Talents in the Workplace
  • The Strongest Link: How the Best Intergenerational Teams Connect to Succeed
Client Service
  • Polished and Persuasive: How to Give an Impressive Presentation
  • The Zone: How to Create and Control “Flow” at Work
  • Puzzles & Possibilities: The Art of Creative Problem-Solving
  • Risks & Rewards: Innovating with Intelligent Risks
  • Getting Things Done: How to Be More Productive & Less Stressed Out

Look for more training opportunities in the near future. For a full list of our workshop catalog with descriptions.

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