RedRover Designs Two New Training Programs for Clients

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy is offering two new training programs to its clients. Whether you’re in the for profit or not-for-profit world, RedRover’s training approach aligns your sales or development team with your marketing message for a cohesive, coordinated approach and a stronger return on your investment. All training programs are customized to fit a client’s unique needs and challenges. The two newest offerings are:

Connect, Consult & Close: Networking Strategies for Sales Professionals

How can you maximize the potential of every networking event? If you're running low on business cards, but your pipeline isn't overflowing with eager prospects, you may need to rethink your networking strategies. During this 2-hour session, a RedRover expert will coach your sales team on how to establish and execute a networking strategy that allows you to focus on building relationships with ideal prospects by asking questions that highlight your company's strengths as an organization. RedRover will also coach your sales team on how to follow up so that prospects follow through, perfecting their elevator pitches, and how to set individual and team goals for every networking event.

Leading Up: How to Stand Up & Stand Out as an Emerging Leader

How can you stand out as an emerging leader at your organization to gain upward momentum in your career? Start by leading up. Based on extensive research and observations from experts in the field, this session will give you insight into how to flex and leverage your personal leadership styles so that you can inspire direct reports, peers, and even those above you to willingly support your vision and goals. During this session, a RedRover expert will explain when to push for your ideas, and when to back off gracefully; how to lift up to lead up; and other practical ways to add value to all of your professional relationships, so that you can fulfill your potential and emerge as a persuasive leader in your organization.

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