Market Research That Drives Good Decisions

Monday, June 1, 2015

Basing business decisions on assumptions is a risky proposition, which is why conducting market research is vital for advancing your mission in the best direction.

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Smart business leaders don’t make important decisions based on assumptions.

Research can provide a clear and unbiased picture of how your customers view your differentiators and why you may be losing business to competitors. Research RedRover conducted for one client led to a total overhaul in how the company positions itself in the marketplace – resulting in a more than 90 percent increase in lead generation for that business.

Guerrilla Sales & Marketing – a weekly column syndicated in newspapers across the region By Lori Turner-Wilson, CEO

Savvy businesses realize that fully leveraging Twitter, by personally connecting in a meaningful way with those tweeting about their industry, can drive consumers much more closely to the point of purchase than ever before through this channel.

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