10 to Watch Companies Collaborate & Innovate - Greater Memphis Chamber Blog - 8/4/14

Monday, August 11, 2014

At the end of last year, we chose 10 companies who possessed the potential to achieve great things in the coming year. These companies were on the move and we knew 2014 would yield bigger and better results. So it comes as no surprise to us that the fastest-growing and most innovative businesses we could find used their common ground as 10-to-Watch companies for collaboration on new projects.

The digital production studio Prodigi Arts joined the marketing forces of RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy to help Regional One Health Foundation for their 4th Annual Fundraising Gala with over 900 in attendance.

In our 10-to-Watch article, Prodigi Arts CEO Chris Conner said the studio is a collection of purveyors and storytellers. “We aim to create something that connects with audiences in deep and lasting ways.”

And the group did just that for the gala, producing imaginative 3D animations of molecules, blood streams and DNA across a 90-foot screen to connect audiences to another 10-to-Watch company, Regional One Health.

Dr. Reginald Coopwood of Regional One Health talked about the 180-year-old healthcare entity’s momentous new direction - what caught our eyes in the selection process - in his commencement address. “Let me take you on a journey of what healthcare can be, what it will be, in Memphis.”

RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy completed the team effort by providing innovative marketing, media promotion, social media coverage and event branding and design. Their work helped Regional One Health Foundation pull off the most successful gala to date.

"If you are looking for a firm that wants your organization to succeed and will work with you toward that end – RedRover is the marketing and communications firm for you. Not once have they treated us like a 'client' or another figure on their income statement. Their attitude is one of a team member – our success is their success and it shows in their product, their processes, and the overall experience," says Tammie Ritchey, CFRE VP of Development/Foundation Executive Director at Regional One Health Foundation.

But this isn’t the only collaboration happening with to 10-to-Watch companies. The Memphis College of Art also teamed up with Prodigi Arts to promote a professionalized creative culture in Memphis.

“We’re devoting a lot of our energy on developing careers,” President Ron Jones said. “And we will continue to give our students the tools they need to succeed and help them be the very best artists they can be.”

One way the college is fulfilling this promise is through a two-month internship program with Prodigi Arts for third and fourth year animators. Recent grad Marty Englert was the first Memphis College of Art student to attend and finished the program with a job offer.

“I hope these initial steps are a good indication of the future these two organizations have together and their missions to develop the creative talent within Memphis,” Conner said.

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