RedRover Expands Business, Headcount - Memphis Daily News - 6/24/2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

RedRover Sales & Marketing has added several new members to its “pack” in recent weeks.

In the last quarter alone, the firm – which hit its seventh anniversary in January – added four new professionals. They are marketing account executives Rachel Carpenter and Natalie Cunningham, graphic designer Kennon Adair and sales trainer and recruiter Gary Dean.

The new help is connected to growth elsewhere for RedRover, including the addition of new service lines since last summer, a full client roster and an impending move into a new space Downtown in a few months.

RedRover also has been expanding its offerings for businesses, an example of which is a “Selling Through Discovery” seminar Dean hosted June 21.

It was a workshop that looked at how most sales are won and lost and helped attendees discover prospects’ needs versus perceived needs.

Meanwhile, RedRover also partnered with the Westin Memphis Beale Street Hotel and Memphian Angela Copeland earlier this month to hold a fundraiser to raise money for schools that were damaged by the May 20 tornadoes in Moore, Okla.

RedRover lent its help to the organization and marketing of the event, as well as media relations, event promotion and securing sponsors.

The event brought in $34,000 for the Moore schools.

All of which is to say the firm is plenty busy, and the new faces are a testament to that.

“We have been on quite a growth trend since opening our doors seven years ago, now with a staff size of 13,” said RedRover CEO and founder Lori Turner-Wilson. “And the reasons are simple – extraordinary client partnerships and internal talent at RedRover, coupled with our unique sales and marketing model and a results-driven approach.”

RedRover’s revenue in 2012 was up 90 percent from 2011. Whereas a traditional agency may make the majority of its money based on media commissions, RedRover is selling consultancy and experience to mid-sized companies.

RedRover’s sales and marketing strategy model also allows clients to compete with big national and international companies that have much larger budgets, but at an affordable rate.

Carpenter and Cunningham came to RedRover from Greenline Marketing. Both of them said they’d been aware of RedRover long before now and always admired the firm from a distance.

“It was exciting to learn they really have a business strategy approach to figuring out solutions for clients,” Carpenter said. “I think a lot of agencies take strictly a marketing approach of, ‘Here’s our list of things – of tactics we offer, so just go down the list and checkmark everything you need.’

“I have a finance background, and I spent a few years in finance and business analysis. So when I learned that in the first 60 days with clients (RedRover) is going in and figuring out strategically what makes sense for this client – that was just really exciting for me. For a company that’s been around seven years and is moving into a new space in September – I feel like there’s so much talent here.”

Cunningham said she was excited to learn how experienced the team at RedRover is.

“I’ve only been here a few weeks, but I can pretty confidently say we have the best team in town for what we’re doing,” she said. “Working with people who inspire me to be better is exciting.”
By Andy Meek