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Award-Winning Marketing Effectiveness for The Jones Clinic

The Jones Clinic was the only remaining independent, private cancer clinic in the Memphis market.

Its founder and CEO, Dr. C. Michael Jones, is a pre-eminent cancer educator and clinician, associated with top healthcare institutions such as Johns Hopkins Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

But in today’s changing healthcare environment, not even sterling credentials are enough.

In an industry that has amassed significant changes—new regulations, increasing consolidation, and shifting insurance-reimbursements procedures, to name a few—it can be difficult for clinics, especially independent practices, to keep up.

The Jones Clinic asked RedRover to find growth opportunities for the practice, while establishing a marketing budget with minimal impact on the bottom line.

Our answer for The Jones Clinic focused on measurable results.

We began with our signature Growth Optimization (GO) Plan. We customized a research program for The Jones Clinic, which led us to a two-pronged strategic plan.

Brand Refinement

Our first goal was to establish brand messaging that uniquely qualified The Jones Clinic as the premier oncology practice in this market.

We found that the practice’s independence from a conglomerate system would go a long way.

“Independence” became the foundation for The Jones Clinic’s brand refinement. We updated the logo, created a new website and established a new suite of advertising and outreach material.

Qualified Referrals

Word-of-mouth is still golden in marketing. For The Jones Clinic, we knew maximizing referrals was the best way to increase qualified leads who had high potential to convert into patients.

Patients’ loved ones, who were often the people researching cancer center after a diagnosis, and primary care physicians were the main focus of our referral campaign.

RedRover’s strategic plan called for the implementation of an outreach campaign to reach physicians and targeted consumers. We identified the best communication channels to reach each target audience, and then delivered the tailored, intentional messages that resonated with them.

A new website, ads, outreach materials and social media channels were put to work as lead-generation sources for these target audiences.

RedRover also spotted a personnel gap at the clinic, and we recruited and trained the practice’s first-ever physician relations manager.

Our campaign efforts led to:

  • A 91% increase in qualified referrals generated online
  • An increase in patient-driven referrals that exceeded a newly set, aggressive target by 141%

It only took eight months to achieve these results, far faster than the goal set in the 12-month strategic plan.

What results can RedRover get for your business?

If you want to activate and maximize your own referral network, contact RedRover to discuss a partnership.

The Jones Clinic

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  • The caliber of candidates RedRover recruited for us was extraordinary, and they did a tremendous job of thoroughly screening all candidates put before me. RedRover was able to bring in such strong candidates so quickly! I couldn’t have done it better myself.

    C. Michael Jones, MD
    The Jones Clinic