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Winning Hearts and Minds to Raise Funds that Save Lives

Regional One Health Foundation (formerly the MED Foundation) is RedRover’s longest-standing client. The partnership has thrived for nine years, nearly as long as RedRover has been open as an agency.

Although the foundation’s umbrella hospital system is well known throughout Memphis, it has historically lacked public awareness of the best-in-class, multidisciplinary centers of excellence that serve a variety of patients in a seven-state region.

The foundation’s fundraising pays for the very equipment, technology and training that make Regional One Health one of the most pre-eminent healthcare systems in the country.

The impact the foundation’s fundraising has on lives is incredible, and that story continues to be amplified through many channels. RedRover’s charge is to improve donor communications, including fundraising appeals, PR and event support.

RedRover’s multifaceted services in recent years have focused on breakthrough story-telling moments that are relatable to donors, community leaders, and the public at large.

Ultimately, the increased connection people feel to the live-saving work at Regional One Health leads to more donations to the foundation, and the continued ability to sustain and evolve their world-class offering of healthcare services.

RedRover’s story-telling role focuses on patient stories and moments of life-saving impact.

  • From designing award-winning ONE Night gala invitations to scripting spokesperson stories that are shared in front of 1,000 people at an annual gala or thousands of people in the news or through email…
  • From launching the foundation’s first-ever quarterly magazine to distributing regular email marketing campaigns…
  • From targeting the right digital tools to use to energizing the board of directors to become more directly involved with fundraising…

RedRover’s partnership with Regional One Health Foundation is generating more donor awareness of what their philanthropy supports and an increased number of people who consider supporting the foundation and hospital system.

ONE Night, the largest annual fundraiser for the foundation, now hosts a capacity attendance of 1,000 people – up significantly from the first gala held in 2012 with a few hundred attendees. The foundation was able to increase ticket prices two years ago with a marked increase in attendance resulted in even more funds for the hospital system’s high-tech needs.

Additionally, in one quarter alone, a RedRover PR and digital marketing campaign for the foundation achieved 3 million impressions, amplifying the stories of lives being saved and families kept together, thanks to the specialized healthcare services at Regional One Health.

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Regional One Health Foundation

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  • RedRover customized a training session that addressed our needs. The committee members who participated are fired up to start the development process.

    Now, the committee members see themselves as a bridge or conduit between a donor and a cause. They are more confident in their ability to ask, and they are more prepared to overcome objections to giving. This training was worth the extra time and resources.

    Tammie Ritchey
    CFRE, Executive Director
    Regional One Health Foundation