Regional One Health

Igniting the Community to Make a Change Through One-of-a-Kind Healthcare Campaign

From The Commercial Appeal:

It’s hard to miss the colorful mural on the east wall of the building at 960 Bellevue Blvd. Painted by local street artist Brandon Marshall, the piece’s large, expressive faces surrounded by flowers, vivid colors and retro cassette tapes and boomboxes convey a funky vibe to passersby and nearby traffic.

It’s the words on it, though, that transform the striking work of art into a powerful public-outreach tool. “Get Down,” “Live Life Undetectable” and “#PowerOverHIV” are all key messages in Regional One Health’s Power Over HIV campaign, an initiative that aims to encourage Mid-South HIV-positive patients to get the HIV viral load levels in their blood down to undetectable levels, a very attainable goal as long as they follow their treatment plans. 

When Regional One Health came to RedRover to help raise awareness around its Power Over HIV message, it was clear the campaign needed to break the traditional marketing mold in order to truly raise awareness throughout the community. RedRover proposed the idea for the mural as a way to create a beautiful, yet powerful statement that could be a constant reminder for this city.

The campaign also included the distribution of informational packets to local beauty salons, barber shops, small businesses, churches, community centers and other local HIV/AIDS organizations.

Since going up, the mural has made a mark on the surrounding neighborhood and beyond. Community members have been thrilled with the visual of the mural and also with RedRover’s and Regional One Health’s work to engage with other community partners in spreading the word about the importance of managing HIV.

Regional One Health

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