Ann-Rachel Hagan

Ann-Rachel Hagan

PPC Specialist

Ann-Rachel Hagan

A Little Kibble

As RedRover’s Digital Marketing Specialist, AnnRachel creates successful digital campaigns that produce tangible results. AnnRachel‘s goal is to exceed client expectations and promote sustainable growth. With a penchant for data analysis, AnnRachel enjoys digging deep into projects and presenting new opportunities to clients.

Feeding Time

AnnRachel got her start in digital marketing in 2011 during her time at UCLA as a marketing specialist at a top 25 Los Angeles accounting firm. She helped curate content creation and built their digital identity from the ground up.
Before coming to RedRover, AnnRachel spent 3 years at a top digital advertising agency working as a paid search specialist. She honed her SEM skills while working with international clients focused on both eCommerce and Lead Generation. She’s even had clients featured in Google’s annual Economic Impact Report highlighting the substantial growth they had achieved through PPC marketing.
AnnRachel is a Kentucky native and enjoys introducing her friends to southern cooking & bourbon. She is a committed Classicist and loves all things ancient Greece & Rome. In Her free time she enjoys painting, yoga, & spending time with her two rescue kittens Peanut & Orca.

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