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Cassie Williard

Cassie Williard

Director of Client Operations

Cassie Williard

A Little Kibble

As RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy’s director of client operations, Cassie is hyper-focused on the systems, workflows and quality control that contribute to our clients’ success.

Feeding Time

With a background in digital paid media, ad-operations and performance reporting, it’s in Cassie’s nature to find ways to improve efficiencies and enhance campaign outcomes. Keeping a pulse on industry best practices and marketing technology (Mar-Tech) platforms, Cassie collaborates with account managers and creative teams to leverage the right resources and strategies for each project.

Prior to joining the pack, Cassie served as marketing director for a regional furniture company where she learned the intricacies of retail and logistics. She championed initiatives to improve the customer experience, remove barriers to purchase, and gather consumer feedback to direct the company’s continuous improvement.

Outside of RedRover, Cassie and her husband, Forrest, love to travel, cook and dive into house projects on their early 1900s home where they live with their one-eyed cat, Tim.

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