The Guarantee
Hendrik de Vries

Hendrik de Vries

National Sales Executive

Hendrik de Vries

A Little Kibble

As RedRover’s National Sales Executive, Hendrik explores new relationships with B2B businesses that are ready to break through the barriers limiting their companies’ growth potential. Hendrik brings more than 20 years of marketing and sales experience across industries to the RedRover Pack, making him uniquely qualified to solve the growth challenges of prospective clients through this leadership role.

Feeding Time

Before coming to RedRover, Hendrik was the founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency called Mingle Media Marketing. He also served as the senior vice president of marketing for a software company specializing in financial planning. As a former business owner himself, Hendrik has walked in the shoes of our clients and knows firsthand the difficulties of growing a business. He enjoys building relationships with clients to understand their most significant challenges and present strategies for scalable, repeatable growth.

Hendrik was inspired to join RedRover because of their shared worldview of delivering guaranteed results to clients that are measurable and that truly matter to each individual client. As an agent of change, he gets fired up at the idea of guiding businesses away from the old, broken agency model and toward RedRover’s bold commitment to guaranteed marketing results.

When he isn’t building relationships and delivering results, Hendrik loves spending time with his wife and daughter. They enjoy going on new adventures together and visiting Hendrik’s home countries of Sweden and the Netherlands. He loves fishing in the Baltic Sea, playing soccer and participating in weekly MMA training.

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