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Jee Vahn Knight

Jee Vahn Knight

Vice President of Growth

Jee Vahn Knight

A Little Kibble

As Vice President of Growth, Jee’s primary role is ensuring the highest quality of touchpoints with RedRover’s clients from the first pitch to delivery. She also leads an amazing team of account managers and growth strategists who spend their days discovering and driving opportunity for clients and prospects.

Jee’s background uniquely qualifies her for this position. As an entrepreneur, she understands the demands of owning and operating a business – she always approaches strategy and recommendations with a c-suite perspective. Nonprofit and startup venture experience have given her expansive business acumen in the areas of marketing and sales. Jee holds a bachelor degree in physiology and MBA.

Feeding Time

Before coming to RedRover, Jee was the Director of Marketing for an immersive entertainment production company, called Meow Wolf. She also served as the CEO of a digital creative agency based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and was co-founder and CEO of a digital development firm specializing in web apps for domestic violence and sexual assault advocates.

Fearless by nature, Jee is open to new experiences – like moving to Memphis from Santa Fe. She was inspired to come by what she says is RedRover’s “willingness as an agency to put their money where their mouth is,” and to spend time working on measurable growth solutions, beyond creative. Jee is happy to spend her days sharing what she calls “amazing, result-driven, marketing-growth strategies” with the world.

Jee embraces change like a big dog and is open to  innovative thinking outside the box, the circle or the globe. An agent of change, Jee has never been satisfied with “the old way is the best way,” she continually motivates herself and her team to discover new ways to engage.

Outside of RedRover, Jee loves spending time with her three tiny humans and her husband. She enjoys mom-time, photography and drawing – and geeking out to her marathon favorites such as “Star Trek or “The Curse of Oak Island.” She looks forward to exploring Memphis’ music, food and culture with her family.

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