The Guarantee
Julie Banderob

Julie Banderob

Operations Manager

Julie Banderob

A Little Kibble

As RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy’s Project Manager, Julie plays a key role in ensuring that our pack is able to provide top-level commitment to our clients and stay on track for success. Maintaining the workflow calendar, to ensure that each pack member is utilized to their fullest potential is just one of the responsibilities Julie has committed to here at the doghouse.

Feeding Time

Julie is a transplant from the Southern Suburbs of Chicago where she started her career at a marketing and promotions company. Over the more than 20 years in the industry, Julie has held a variety of roles in publishing, printing and ad agencies. She has always striven to expand her knowledge of new processes, technologies and innovations in order to stay ahead of the curve. She brings with her the experience she has gained in coordinating, scheduling and maintaining long- and short-term projects from start to finish along with other marketing skills picked up along the journey.

Having moved to Memphis back in 2013 with her family, she has enjoyed milder weather than she experienced growing up. Depending on the day, she might be taking a walk through Shelby Farms Park, trying out new recipes from Pinterest, or reading a book with her cat, Cerberus, curled up next to her.

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