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Justin Fuqua

Justin Fuqua

Senior Account Manager

Justin Fuqua

A Little Kibble

As a senior account manager, Justin drives sustainable growth for clients through effective project management and data-driven marketing strategies. Justin’s extensive industry expertise and proven track record of repeatable results make him an invaluable asset to our agency.

Feeding Time

Justin joined the RedRover pack in 2022, bringing with him decades of experience in for-profit and non-profit marketing, media, production and technology. His big-picture thinking, natural resourcefulness and problem-solving aptitude ensure every project moves the needle for clients in a meaningful way.

Before RedRover, Justin served for 11 years as Director of Marketing, Research and Technology at an education nonprofit, improving its visibility, fundraising and business strategies while leading teams and projects across all departments.

During this time, he helped the organization create a sustainable business model and provide character education to nearly 10,000 students each year. During his impressive career, Justin has also provided marketing strategies to large corporate clients from a boutique agency, produced an international television show from scratch and more.

When he’s not working, Justin enjoys sports, art, antiquing, collecting, video games, film, research and music. He played in punk-funk-rock fusion band The Freek Out in Dallas before moving to Atlanta, where he now lives with his girlfriend, her daughter and their three rescue animals.

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