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Miriam Brown

Miriam Brown


Miriam Brown

A Little Kibble

As a copywriter for RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, Miriam is responsible for supporting the pack’s storytelling efforts through research, writing and editing.

Feeding Time

Miriam served RedRover as an intern before joining our pack full-time, giving her a well-rounded perspective on how storytelling connects to our larger mission of crashing through the ceilings that limit our clients’ growth potential. With a background in journalism and communications, Miriam knows the components of a good story. She leverages this, coupled with marketing experience and a steadfast attention to detail, to deliver copywriting material that drives undeniable results.

Miriam graduated magna cum laude from Colorado College, earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology and journalism. Besides her brief stint in Colorado, Miriam is a lifelong Memphian. She is proud to cheer on two Tiger teams — the Colorado College Tigers and the University of Memphis Tigers. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, cooking, traveling and practicing yoga.

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