Memphis Business COVID-19 Response On Demand


Getting Back to the
Business of Growth

Learn the Strategies Memphis CEOs Are Leveraging to Grow During These Challenging Times

Don’t let indecision leave money on the table; by waiting until COVID-19 blows over before you adjust and deploy a growth strategy for the new normal. Find out why now is the time to become a first-mover.

In this ON DEMAND webinar, you will:

  • receive the insights from our recent Memphis Business Community COVID Response survey – sponsored by Vistage Memphis, the University of Memphis and RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • discover lessons learned by first-movers from past recessions and economic stall-outs
  • tap into breakthrough sales and marketing strategies that Memphis businesses are using to overcome the devastating economic impact of this pandemic

This webinar isn’t for everyone. It is for you, if:

  • you are invested in the Memphis economy
  • you will do whatever you can do secure the future of your business
  • you know that asking for peer support is a strength of a strong CEO

RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy, the University of Memphis, and Vistage Memphis partnered to gather the critical data related to our local business impact and response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Download the Full Report

Our webinar will be hosted by RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy founder and CEO, Lori Turner Wilson. Lori has nearly 30 years of expertise in leading corporate sales, marketing and communications teams. She’s eager to share both the critical findings of this survey with you as well as numerous sales and marketing best practices that forward-thinking companies are currently leveraging to grow despite the current economic reality. Lori and the RedRover pack are dedicated to the Memphis community, and sharing these high-value insights is just one way RedRover invests in local business.


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