The Guarantee

Shelby County

Company background

In 2020, the Shelby County Health Department and Office of the Mayor faced an unprecedented public health crisis requiring coordinated communications to inform and protect the county’s 937,967 residents.

Why did they come to us?

Across the nation, local governments were not in sync in their directives and polarizing opinions emerged regarding the public’s civic duties and best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To combat this, Shelby County government set out to create consistent, thorough messaging to democratize data and connect diverse populations with the information and resources they needed — in a positive, unifying tone and manner that would break through the “pandemic fatigue” anticipated in the late months of the year.

O U R .  S O L U T I O N

Let’s Focus on the ‘CO’ that matters most.

The ‘CO’ that Matters Most campaign focused on the community and coming together to combat COVID-19. The message themes abandoned blame and judgmental overtones that were surfacing across the country, in favor of emphasis on the positive way we each can impact our community, by continuing the course to prevent the spread of the virus. Influencers helped spread this message to their audiences in authentic ways, and humor was used to counter the complexity of public communication (as seen in ‘The Pitch’) and address multi-generational communication and shared responsibilities (as seen in ‘The Talk’).

We created: Gas Station installations, Door Hangers, Billboards, Digital Ads, Social Media Ads, Videos, Television Spots, Connected TV / OTT Spots, Radio Spots, Influencer Campaigns, and much more.

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Break Through Videos Backed by Results

We also worked to create several videos to be played across Shelby County in a variety of forms. From local TV to social media. We worked tirelessly to make sure our message was heard. We received over 31M total impressions just on Broadcast TV alone. In total our messaging was seen, heard, or even read by 96% of adult within Shelby County.

And if that wasn’t enough, our work was recognized by the American Advertising Federation. We received top honors by taking home both a Gold and Best of Show award for the hilariously entertaining Have “the Talk” With Someone You Love video.It’s always great achieving amazing results but it even sweet when our peer also recognize the creativity we have put into these videos.

Our Results